‘Merry Happy New Year’ Every Day!

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December 31, 2012 by butlerautogroup

new year5Did you get what you wanted for the holidays?  Did you feel stressed about getting someone else what they wanted?  Did other people’s definition of the true meaning of this or that make you feel anxious or like you were failing in some aspect of your life?  Well then, thank goodness the holidays are over!

The old advice “everything in moderation” becomes more meaningful as we age.  Peaks and valleys are exchanged for smoother everyday roads if we pay heed to our instincts that tell us every situation has a front door and a back door.  With that idea in mind holidays can be approached on an even keel with an attitude that spills over into every day of the year.

Now, I know you’ve been told to keep the holiday spirit every day but what I’m suggesting is not quite that grandiose but rather it’s a more subtle approach with less expectation.  Focus less on what you think things should look like and more on what they actually feel like.  It takes practice which will remain a daily part of our lives because “living in the now” is rarely mastered.  As a wise person once said that the simplest daily affirmation for ones self and every other person in your life could be “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at peace.”  Try finding that gift in any store.

So, “Happy Everyday!” is my wish for you and everyone else!  We feed off each other’s moods.  Let’s try to create a feast of good thoughts for everyone we meet.

Warm regards,

~ Rocky


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