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If Rocky isn’t writing a book about his life, he should be.  The native Oklahoman describes his journey as “eclectic”.  The fun started when he used a rodeo scholarship to attended college as a theater/communication major.  But he left school early to enter the world of fashion, helping launch Polo Ralph Lauren stores and training employees in the art of sales.  16 years later, Rocky took some time off, travelled to Wisconsin, and met Ingrid, who agreed to marry him.  Together, they picked up stakes and moved to Maui, Hawaii where Ingrid taught school and Rocky managed a ranch that offered horseback excursions.  He even followed in Ingrid’s footsteps and gave teaching a try.  He says the four months he spent at the head of a kindergarten class made up “the hardest, most exhausting job” he’s ever had.  When the couple moved to Southern Oregon a few years later, Rocky chose to work in the car industry because he likes building a relationship with his customers.  There’s never any shortage of topics to discuss… and if you don’t believe his story, that’s okay.  Just check out what he calls his “evidence manual”, a scrapbook on his desk that’s chock full of proof.


2 thoughts on “Rocky

  1. Judy Peddicord says:

    Enjoyed reading Rocky’s Ramblin’. Look forward to future ramblings.

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